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Looking for a ? How are you displaying your work? Do you include a realistic result when delivering your files to your clients? Are you taking your and showcases them in 3D, as they would be used in the real world, in your folio?

Clients often have a hard time visualizing how a digital design will look after being printed and displayed. And visitors to your portfolio will see your work in a more authentic light when you mock up a scene to depict it in. Whether you showcase your next design as hanging in an interior or with someone holding a poster on the street, a realistic scene can transform your work.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time to mock up a professionally designed scene using , though. If you use ready-made poster mockup , you can take advantage of high-quality scenes, already shot with the right lighting, with plenty of options, and set up with easily customizable Smart Objects.

We have a number of stylish PSD poster mockup sets on Envato Market (GraphicRiver). Here we showcase some of the best poster mockups, such as the trending best-sellers below:

Best Selling Photoshop Poster Mockups
Best Selling Photoshop Poster Mockups – available for sale on Envato Market (GraphicRiver)

Give your digital work a lifelike presentation, whether for your client work or to give your folio an authentic edge.

Unlimited Poster Mockups on Envato Elements

On Envato Elements, you can download as many items as you want from the fabulous collection of poster mockups, as well as getting unlimited fonts, icons, illustrations, and more—all for a single monthly fee.

Poster mockups on Envato Elements

For example, the pack of 8 Real Photo Poster Mockups contains a variety of photo backgrounds to display your poster at its best. They are high resolution (5472×3648 pixels) and very easy to use. Simply double-click on the Smart Object, paste your image, and you’re done! 

8 Real Photo Poster Mockups on Envato Elements
8 Real Photo Poster Mockups on Envato Elements

If you’d prefer individual poster mockups rather than a subscription, read on for a great selection of realistic and creative templates.

15 Awesome Poster Mockup Templates

Here are 15 Photoshop poster mockup templates. These poster designs come in a variety of styles. You can use them to depict your work as printed and hung in a gallery, realistically displayed on the street, or showcased artistically on an interior wall.

1. Hands Holding Posters – PSD Mock-ups

If you want to display your work with a human touch, then use this PSD poster mockup template set showing a person holding your design. There are nine variations of posters being held in parks, interiors, in front of cityscapes, on the street, and more options to fit your design style.

Save time by using this poster mockup Photoshop set. In addition to the nine posters, there are four background extras and six photo backgrounds to work with. The layers are organized and set up with smart objects. 

It works with Photoshop version CS4 or higher and exports at a high print resolution at 3700 pixels by 5000 pixels at 300 dpi. It’s designed with pro perspectives, realistic depth of field effects, and natural reflections. Get your work depicted realistically!

Hands Holding Posters PSD Mockups

2. Art Wall and Photoshop Poster Mock-up

With these Photoshop poster mockup files, you can combine a variety of interior scenes with your artwork. Whether you’d like to wow your customer with a custom presentation or showcase your best work together, this set allows you to mix and match poster and wall art together. Work with unique PSD files, 30 ready-made compositions, included smart objects for easy use, and more.

Art Wall Photoshop Poster Mock-up

3. Simple Lifelike Poster Mock-up Templates

If you need a clean poster mockup set with a number of minimal design options, then this is a great choice. It includes 10 pre-made 3D scenes at 4000 pixels by 2500 pixels resolution. This photorealistic group includes framed and unframed poster display options, both set hanging on walls and resting elegantly in corners. You’ll get a variety of print mockup styles to work with in this modern presentation bundle.

Simple PSD Poster Mockup Templates

4. Urban Poster / Billboard Mock-ups – Night Edition

Showcase your next poster design in a realistic environment to make your work stand out.

These beautiful poster mockups are set in nighttime urban cityscapes. Each shot is clean and highly detailed, with popping colors and realistic lighting. The balance of each image is professionally edited to focus on your design.

The template set includes poster and billboard mockups, with 7 PSD high-resolution images. And they’re ready to customize quickly by simply replacing the included PSD Smart Objects.

Urban Poster Billboard PSD Mock-ups

5. Picture Art Photoshop Mockup Design [Vol 5]

Give your work a realistic 3D display with this Photoshop art mockup set. Use it to display your next digital work, whether for a new poster design or to display your original artwork. Take advantage of this set of eight interior designs, shot with realistic studio lighting and soft shadows. These interior and studio files are easy to work with as smart objects—just click and paste your work in, before exporting at high-res!

Picture Art Photoshop Mockup Design

6. Framed PSD Poster Mockup Template Bundle

With eight PSD files in this poster mockup bundle, you can prep your designs and quickly get them off to your clients. The Photoshop files have a variety of framed styles and backgrounds to choose from. The photos and backgrounds are zoomed in and cropped, so the posters display your work clearly in high resolution without distraction.

Framed Photoshop Poster Mockup Design Bundle

7. Standing Poster Mockups – With Multiple Images

This large set of hand-held poster mockups comes with a variety of options, such as binder and clip style choices, two different changeable backgrounds, multiple poster sizes, vertical and horizontal poster setups, and quick editing via Photoshop Smart Objects.

Designed by Elite Author GrafAS, this set has a clean, modern style. It keeps the focus on your artwork, while giving it a human touch. It’s 100% photorealistic and set with high-resolution optimization at 3000 pixels by 3000 pixels. Get your work added and exported fast!

Standing Poster Mockups PSD Multiple Images

8. Poster Mockups Design Bundle in Photoshop

This set of simple poster mockup templates has eight ready-made PSD file options, from rolled-up poster displays on neutral backgrounds to hanging posters with binder clips or even curling paper options. There are plenty of presentation options to choose from, and they’re easy to edit via smart objects!

Poster Mockups Design Bundle Photoshop

9. Realistic PSD Poster Frame Mock-Up

This popular set of framed poster mockups is made by Elite Author Genetic96. It has high ratings, with five-star customer comments such as: “This looks like a fantastic photo frame mockup – possibly the best I have seen on here.” Use it with your choice of artwork!

It comes with 10 photorealistic template files and multiple frame sizes. It’s well organized, set up with professional layers and includes easy-to-edit smart objects. It comes with a number of special effects like glass, cables, and lighting, as well as professional perspectives, shadows, realistic depth, and more.

Realistic Photoshop Poster Frame Mock-Up Templates

10. Studio-Style Poster Mock-Up Templates

Render your poster designs in a realistic studio setting with this set of nine PSD template files (three variations and three various poster sizes). They’re beautifully shot and set up for quick customization. They have a modern look, with posters set on light rigging gear, held on metal poles with industrial grips, or hanging with cables. Add your design for a quick, professional presentation, and export at high resolution.

Studio-Style PSD Poster Mock-Up Templates

11. A3 Elegant Photoshop Poster Mock-Up Designs

This creative set of minimal poster mockup PSD files offers a number of unique display options. Many of them are rather subtle and elegant, such as foil stamping styles, paper texture choices, global illumination, and movable objects and shadows. You can fully control how your work is displayed in this sophisticated set of poster designs. There are 10 Photoshop files included!

A3 Simple PSD Poster Mock-Up Designs

12. Authentic Interior PSD Posters Mock-ups

Use these 11 PSD files to mock up your artwork on a poster and render it realistically. There are a number of close-up interior scenes with framed posters resting on various types of shelves, with multiple styles of settings—each with a unique mix of items, backgrounds, and feel.

The files are crafted with professional techniques, such as smart reflections, glare, and refractions. This highly rated set has a ton of sales, five-star ratings, and great customer comments like “Fantastic work, highly recommended!”

Cool Interior Photoshop Posters Mock-ups

13. Minimal Photoshop Poster Mockup Designs

If you need to display your work elegantly, with stylish poster mockup options, then this set of Photoshop designs is ready to work with. The poster template set comes with 10 pre-made PSD files, in high resolution. 

They come with changeable backgrounds and are set up via smart objects that will automatically adjust perspective after you drop your artwork in. Then you can readily customize with advanced shadow controls. It includes simple and dynamic close-up options, as well as artistic interior scenes.

Minimal PSD Poster Mockup Designs

14. Creative Poster Exhibition Gallery Mock-Up

This popular set of PSD poster mockup files is designed by Elite Author Itscroma, and it has a really authentic touch. It includes multiple poster designs hanging in an art gallery interior, with onlookers appreciating and interacting with the designs. It looks as if your work is being adored and includes various angles of shots, adjustable light settings, and photorealistic results.

Creative Photoshop Poster Exhibition Gallery Mock-Up

15. Photorealistic Gallery Poster Mock-Up Vol. 2

This is a beautiful set of poster mockups in Photoshop. You can save time and render quality results with these eight realistic-looking template files. Showcase your work as hanging in a modern building, which is great if your design complements the straight lines and dark walls of these architectural interior shots. Whether you work in vector, pixels, or another medium, this is a professional set of PSD poster mockups to display your work with.

Photorealistic Gallery Photoshop Poster Mock-Up Vol 2

16. Poster Mockup

Display your best designs and prints using this poster mockup available at Placeit. This poster mockup is not only visually appealing but also super easy to customize by simply uploading your file straight to the template. Make sure you check out the wide variety of poster mockups and even poster videos available over at Placeit. 

Poster mockup on Placeit

5 Quick Poster Mockup Tips

A mockup is a great way to visualize your design with a realistic end result, without the need to actually print it out and deal with production costs. You also avoid the complication of having to take out your camera, set up the scene professionally, and shoot on site. Mockups yield quality results and save tons of time. 

Here are a handful of quick tips on how to approach your poster mockups:

1. Know Your Audience and Message

The process starts with your audience. It’s important to first know who you’re aiming your poster mockup at and what it’s planned to be used for. Your goals are very different if you’re mocking up a piece for a client’s outdoor marketing campaign, versus needing to display your own work in its best light.

Taking that a step further is to know your message and what you want to communicate to your audience or buyers. If your work is intended to appeal to fellow artists for display in their studios (for example, if you’re selling digital art prints), then mock up your work as hung in a creative studio, which is where the work would be used by your audience.

This set of studio art PSD mockup designs would be a useful choice in this case. On the other hand, these minimal Photoshop poster mockup designs would be more suitable for an audience looking for an elegant presentation, like an architectural firm client.

Studio and Minimal Poster Mockups
Poster template mockups: studio wall art and minimal options compared.

2. Give Your Poster Display a Focus

Just as with your poster designs themselves, you want your work to have a focal point when displayed. You want your poster to stand out in the scene you mock up. You can crop tightly to a poster set simply against a minimal background or up close against the wood texture of an interior.

Alternatively, you’ll have to pay close attention when displaying multiple posters on a wall and make sure the designs work together and don’t clash. This is especially true when working with a PSD set like Art Wall and Poster Mock-up, as it requires you to think through how all the posters will interact with both each other and the artwork you can customize on the wall. Look to set it up with a complementary theme or else the design will get too busy quickly.

3. Balance the Elements in Your Composition

Keep in mind how your work will fit the style of the poster mockup you work with. An effective mockup should bring attention to your poster design and not distract from it. Take care not to overdo it. Often, keeping it simple is a better direction if you’re unsure. The Realistic PSD Poster Frame Mock-Up set is a neutral option that can work well for almost any design.

Color stands out on a neutral background. A centered poster design draws the eye immediately. A style that complements your design work, rather than contrasting with it, feels well thought out and will help your work to display professionally.

4. Consider How Your Mockup Interacts

You want the design elements in your poster to fit the scenes you render them in. Ideally, they should complement how they interact with each other.

Consider the environment you place your work in, such as how you can display your work as hanging in a modern building with the Photorealistic Gallery Poster Mock-Up Vol. 2 set. This is well on target if your design complements the hard lines and dark walls of these interior scenes. Or if urban energy works best with your design, then consider displaying it alongside the bright city lights and moving crowds within the night edition of Urban Poster / Billboard Mock-ups.

Gallery and Urban Poster Mockups
Poster template mockups: photorealistic gallery and urban night options compared.

Also, keep in mind how your mockup can interact with a human touch. One way to make your poster more appealing is to show someone holding it or interacting with it. Standing Poster Mockups or Hands Holding Posters – PSD Mock-up sets have a number of scenes showing someone holding a poster. Or consider something with crowds or even onlookers appreciating your artwork, such as with Creative Poster Exhibition Gallery Mock-Up.

5. Display Your Work With Creative Appeal

As a visual professional, you want your craft and graphic ideas to present with creative style. While you should look to level up the creativity of your poster mockups, keep in mind the tips above so that you don’t overdo it.

Don’t risk losing the audience appeal, muddying your target message, missing the intended goal of your presentation, or not getting the subtle details right that will make your mockup visually resonate. For more mockup display tips, visit this Envato Tuts+ article:

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Showcase Your Work Realistically With a PSD Poster Mockup!

Your work deserves to be displayed authentically, as it would look in real life. People can relate to it more readily when it’s depicted in three dimensions. Your posters, design work, and digital art feel all the more real and touchable when presented in a realistic scene and in an environment that brings your ideas to life.

Grab a ready-made Photoshop poster mockup template to quickly render your work in an interior scene, showcase it outdoors on a weather-worn poster, or show a person holding it up proudly. Give your clients and portfolio visitors a lifelike feel for your work!

And if you need to mock up other products or artwork, we have a ton of PSD mockup templates to browse through on Envato Market. Find just the right one for your next design project.