Initially, Prosyscom suggest some ideas from clients' specifications that are somewhat vague. To develop these ideas into substantial apps or websites, we create proposals after asking some queries, what and why?

To get this process into sync:

We aim to grasp the knowledge about a project when clients touch base with us Our team discusses your needs, requirements and expectations from the mobile app to flesh out deliverables, We gather all the desired information to ensure that we and our clients are on the same page


Prototyping is necessary, with this we can visualize how the actual app will work. Generally, to enable visualization, we employ wireframes because it will give you clear idea about how the project will work or how the app is going to look and work on different mobile devices.

We follow some steps like:

Our prototype consists of storyboard giving an all-encompassing description of what will lie within the heart of the app

We link every sketch with each other to give the best layout for use in the app

Through this, our team evaluates the project scope, analyzes project feasibility and also works out on delivery time frame along with the cost


Once we have all the information along with appropriate wireframes, we have exhaustive deliberations with the client about how we plan to approach the project. A collaborative approach guarantees customer-centric app development.

Some steps, we undertake are:

Our designers will build the skin of the app which will portray how the app will look like when built

We refine the appearance of the elements and eventually create a design to the customer satisfaction. The clients are engaged from the very beginning of the process

After adding final touches, we are ready to proceed towards the development stage


We begin with programming process in stages or iterations. Each stage will set the pace for subsequent iteration. It helps in making further plans more carefully. Our key to deliver successful results is to keep the processes simple which also helps our managers monitor development progress.

We work out how the app will look and figure out its core functionality

Our developers give tangible shape to the app from where the client gets the clarity on the structure and hierarchy of the elements of the mobile app

We follow a process of iterative and incremental design and development to ensure excellence


The most awaited and important step! In this phase, the mobile app is submitted to the app store so that it is available for download. Following the guidelines of all the app stores and submission cycles, our developers ensure that the apps smoothly sail through the review process.

The final app is delivered and assistance is offered to help with deployment through the appropriate store

Prosyscom create and execute a marketing plan to promote your app

Whether it's Apple’s App Store, Windows Phone App Store or Google Play, there is no question of app rejection. Thanks to our considerable experienced team that saves time during the final stage development