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Hate getting into a cold bed? Don’t want to sleep under a pile of to stay warm? These blankets and will keep you toasty warm without the bulk. Check out our top picks below to find the best option for you.

Electric bedding and mattress pads can be hit or miss in terms of price, durability, safety, and washability, which is why we all these factors—safety especially—went into our selection process. And if you’ve shied away from electric blankets because of the bulky wires and concerns over cuddling up in high voltages, then worry no more because all of our picks are modern designs with low-voltage and thin wires. The days of feeling like you’re sleeping under a tangle of extension cords are long gone.

Whether you’re looking to save money on your electric bill, or you want to sleep more comfortably, you’ll rest easy knowing we also choose these options based on size, fabric, dual controls, thickness, and functionality. Let’s take a look at our top picks.

Best Low-Voltage Electric Blanket: SoftHeat Low-Voltage Warming Blanket ($75)

If safety is one of your biggest concerns in choosing electric bedding, then look no further. The SoftHeat Low-Voltage Warming Blanket takes the electricity from the outlet in your wall and converts it to a low-voltage current that’s non-hazardous and safe (like a battery), yet is still warm. With standard electric blankets operating at 120 volts, this SoftHeat blanket can heat you up at less than 25 volts.

Heat radiates through the whole blanket without allowing any cool spots, so you’ll be evenly immersed in warmth. There are 5 color options and twin, full, queen, king, and throw sizes to choose from.  Plus, the wires are so thin that they make the blanket feel less bulky. And with dual controllers for the king and queen sizes, you can control your side of the blanket.

Best Quilted Electric Blanket: Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket ($40)

If your heated blanket shopping concern is that electric blankets often don’t look or feel like a normal blanket, then this Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket is a perfect fit! With 7 colors to choose from, this quilted design gives the appearance of a normal quilt. Made out of 100% polyester fleece with 2 millimeter thick wires, this cozy blanket feels and looks like there’s no internal wires or electrical components at all.

Like the SoftHeat blanket, the Sunbeam comes in twin, full, queen, and king sizes, and even offers dual controllers for queen and king sizes so each side of the bed can control their own heat settings. And with 10 heat settings to choose from, you’ll be sure to find your perfect temperature. Some extra features include a 10-hour auto shut off and a 12-foot electric cord so you won’t struggle with controlling the temperature when the blanket is plugged into the wall.

Best Thin Electric Blanket: SoftHeat Electric Blanket ($57)

Electric blankets can be bulky and stiff because of the internal wires. The SoftHeat Electric Blanket is a super soft microfleece blanket that has wires that are 5 times thinner than other blankets, making this blanket feel less bulky since it can move like a normal blanket. And with thinner wires, it allows for more wires overall, which causes an evenly distributed heat through the whole blanket.

It comes in twin, full, queen, or king sizes, so no matter what size bed you have, you’ll be nice and warm. Conveniently, the SoftHeat queen and king sizes come with two controllers so each side of the bed can have their preferred temperatures. With 10 different temperature settings, you can easily change the temperature on the controller. It has a large knob and easy to read display, perfect for older users who may find click buttons or flat dials difficult to operate. Plus, the large backlit display has an auto-dimming feature so you can change the temperature at night without turning the lights on.

Lastly, this machine washable blanket works on a low voltage (like the Serta). And don’t worry about remembering to turn it off in the morning, because it automatically shuts off after 10 hours.

Best Budget Electric Mattress Pad: Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad ($46)

Our picks so far have been blankets that you would usually use to cover yourself, but what about something you can lie down on? Just like a normal mattress pad, you can place this Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad over your mattress and then put your fitted sheet on top. Mattress pads are a perfect way to stay toasty all night (or just preheat your bed) without adding an additional blanket.

This pick is less expensive than other heated mattress pad options—plus it’s great quality from a trusted brand. Sleeping on top of this heated mattress pad will relax your body and provide therapeutic heat to muscles and joints that a normal mattress pad can’t. The king and queen sizes also have dual controllers so each side of the bed can choose from 10 temperature settings. And if you’re worried about spills, Sunbeam also has a waterproof version

Best Overall Mattress Pad: Perfect Fit SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad ($102)

The perfect heated mattress pad should be consistent, comfortable, durable, safe, and have a few extra features to set it apart. With the Perfect Fit SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad, which has sizes in California king, king, queen, full, and twin, you can have consistent warmth and softness throughout the night.

This mattress pad is made of micro-velour fabric, which feels like velvet. Plus, it has micro-thin wires that you can’t even feel, which minimizes bulkiness and distributes the heat for more even and consistent heat. Want to warm up your bed before you even get into it? There’s a preheat button that you press to get your bed nice and warm. The SoftHeat also has zone heating with its dual controllers on the queen, king, and California king sizes.

Like our low-voltage blanket pick, this mattress pad also works with low voltage, which makes it safer, especially around moisture. It’s safe with pets and kids, but if you’re worried about accidents, check out the waterproof version.

Best Electric Mattress Pad for Your Feet: Sunbeam Comfy Toes ($40)

Want a heating option that doesn’t have to make your entire bed and body warm? The Sunbeam Comfy Toes can be placed at the bottom of your bed, either under or over your sheets, to warm up your feet. This is convenient for those who worry about cold feet (especially in the winter).

With three heat settings and a 3-hour automatic shut off, this option is great if you’re looking for an alternative to full-bed heating options. And with an auto-adjusting heat feature, you won’t need to figure out what temperature to set your mattress pad to—the controller will adjust itself based on body and room temperature. Lastly, tucked safely under your bottom sheet or mattress pad, the Sunbeam pad will stay in one place, even if you kick or move around at night.