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There are a number of ways to save time and get gorgeous results in using .

In this article, we feature a curated collection of Photoshop text effects from Envato Market, with a variety of styles to add to your digital toolbox.

Photoshop Text Effect Actions on Envato Market
Best Selling Photoshop Text Effect Actions – available for sale on Envato Market (GraphicRiver)

These premium text effects are made for designers and artists who do their work in Adobe Photoshop. They’re designed using professional Photoshop techniques, such as actions, layer styles, and smart object layers.

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Each downloadable file allows you to insert your text and customize your message quickly. Whether you’re applying an action, adjusting a layer, or modifying an object, you can have a stylish text result with just a few button-clicks.

Bounce into this inspiring set and browse through all the assortment of text effect styles and colorful flavors on display!

Creative Photoshop Text Effects

Here are 25 striking text effect files that you can purchase for an affordable cost, which ranges from $4 to $10. There are a ton of styles here, such as bold vintage text, cinematic lettering, realistic metal styles, and more.

Make the lettering in your next design a stand-out focal point—that carries a visual punch—with one of these Photoshop text effects:

1. Balloon Effect – Vibrant PSD Action

This Photoshop text effect results in a colorful Mylar balloon style. You can quickly turn your text or any shape into a bouncy design just by pressing play on this PSD action. The colors can be completely adjusted as well, creating unique results.

The download includes a Photoshop ATN file action, a Photoshop brush ABR file, and a Photoshop PSD file template, as well as help files and full instructions.

Balloon Effect PSD Action

2. 80s – Vibrant Photoshop Text Effects

80s text effects are incredibly distinctive, uber-fun, and dripping with retro cool. This set has eight PSD styles to work with—all made with easy-to-edit smart objects. Whether you have an event flyer, throwback poster, or digital marketing piece to design, these 3D text styles pop with glowing effects and vibrant styles.

80s - Vibrant Photoshop Text Effects

3. VHS – RGB Glitch PSD Text Effect

With a nod to a nineties design aesthetic, this text effect has a stylish video glitch-inspired design. This Photoshop file is set up with Smart Objects that are simple to work with. You can apply it to your text, logo, or another shape and customize as needed. The default template size is large format at 2000px by 1500px and 300 DPI, but it can readily be adjusted.

There are 12 PSD text effects bundled in this pack—with varying amounts of text distortions and numerous error backgrounds included. Whether you have a club flyer or marketing campaign to design, this is a great asset to add to your graphic arsenal!

VHS - RGB Glitch Photoshop Text Effect

4. 3D Photoshop Text Effects Vol.2

This is a vibrant set of text effects, with 10 PSD files to work with, in styles like Wood, Old Rust, and Storm. It’s quick to customize—you can just replace the text in any file with yours via a smart object layer. Spend more time on your overall composition and less effort working out how to transform your lettering into 3D popping, stylized text.

3D Photoshop Text Effects Vol2

5. Cinematic Title PSD Text Effects Vol 5

Movie titles have some of the boldest typography and custom artistic effects in box office marketing. If you’re looking for cinematic-inspired text effects from the latest blockbusters, then this set is a must-have.

It’s perfect for designing movie-inspired game covers, posters, sites, and more. It comes with eight fully layered Photoshop files, it works with smart objects, and background textures are included. It’s easy to modify the text colors and change the patterns to give your text effect a distinctive style.

Cinematic Title PSD Text Effects

6. 14 Bold Vintage PSD Text Effects V.2

This is an amazing deal, with 14 vintage style text effects all designed with a mix of retro and modern flair. If you need to make your text pop with a blend of 3D in PSD and classic design goodness, then this set has the styles you need. You can make quick work of applying your custom brand (and messaging) to any text in this set. It will even work with your custom shapes and logotypes!

14 Bold Vintage PSD Text Effects

7. Broken Glass – Creative Photoshop Actions

Great for game covers, marketing flyers, or advertising material for apps, this broken glass text effect adds an interesting design to any title or stand-out set of text.

You can customize the look of the shattered glass effect with big or small shatters, moving glass parts, and adjusting how your cracks look with freeform customization. You can move, scale, or deform the shapes to get just the look you’re after. Also, apply it to any font, text, or shape.

The set includes six actions, set at hi-res 300 DPI, and includes one ATN Photoshop action file and one PAT Photoshop file, which are used by the six action files.

Broken Glass - Creative Photoshop Actions

8. Photoshop Glow Text Styles Pro

This text effect has a professional glow style, which you can apply to web, game, or app designs. Whether you need to add a style to a logo, apply a glow to menu items, or create custom text boxes, this pack has a stylish, on-trend design. It’s designed for web use and is set at 72 DPI. It comes with 50 PSD layer styles, with multiple colors and light sources to work with.

Photoshop Glow Text Styles Effect

9. Full Metal Package 3D – Photoshop Actions

This pack comes with multiple Photoshop actions and layer styles. In total, there are 47 actions (18 that are for 3D effects and 29 Style actions). There are also 62 Layer Styles for generating 29 materials in Photoshop, from chrome to silver, gold, copper, and more—with a complete full-metal package.

It’s developed at high resolution and can be used to design text effects for print or web. It’s super-versatile and works with a variety of shapes and text styles. This is a go-to set of PSD styles to create any 3D metal elements—with quick, quality results!

Full Metal Package 3D PSD Actions

10. Gold Photoshop Text Effects

Take your plain lettering and quickly transform it into a beautiful gold text effect. This PSD action comes with 15 effects that can serve a variety of designs, from gold foil stationary styles to emulating gold print, hot foil, and more. Add a touch of elegant print design aesthetic to your designs!

Gold Photoshop Text Effects

11. Ultimate PSD Text Effect Collection

With a ton of awesome text effect styles built into one easy-to-work-with Photoshop file, this ultimate collection has a variety of designs to add to your arsenal.

It comes with metallic, vintage, wood, leather, paper, fabric, and more styles. It works with organized layers and smart objects, so you can change the colors and effects of your target text in seconds.

Ultimate Photoshop Text Effect Collection

12. AtoZ: Epic PSD Text & Logo Effect

This high-energy text effect Photoshop CC file is based on a popular video-game style. With this one, there’s no need to run actions or to install patterns, styles, or brushes.

It’s all based simply on smart object shapes, and it’s super easy to work with. It comes with four vibrant effects made up of various glowing jewels and graphic rock textures. These are really interesting effects, with great attention to the details!

Epic PSD Text Logo Effect Game Style

13. 10 Elegant Photoshop Text Styles Vol.5

This volume comes with a variety of Photoshop text effects, such as elegant bubbling lettering, galactic star effects, and glowing metal shine. There are ten effects included in a PSD file and accompanying ASL file, and it works with any font.

Elegant PSD Text Styles

14. Retro Photoshop Text Effects

Add a touch of retro style to your text, logos, icons, or any shapes with this graphic set of Photoshop files. It works with smart object layers and comes with six PSD files packed with multiple styles of backgrounds. You can whip up a compelling advertisement, stylish poster design, or marketing banner in no time with this set of vintage text effects.

Retro Photoshop Text Effects

15. Neon Pro – Bright PSD Text Effect

This neon text effect has a realistic style which is really simple to apply. Just open up the smart object layer to change your text or shapes in Illustrator, and it updates in Photoshop—as simple as that. You can have a customized pro neon sign effect in no time.

Neon Pro PSD Text Effect

16. Watercolor Photoshop Text Effects

You can make artistic watercolor text effects quickly with this set. It comes with 10 unique styles, all of which have a handmade aesthetic quality. It’s great for projects that need an authentic touch, such as print designs or custom social media graphics. Use this style to transform your inspiring message into a tangible typographic design!

Watercolor Photoshop Text Effects

17. Real Fire Photoshop Text Creator 2

Make a realistic fire text effect in three simple steps. Just type in your text, run the PSD action, and then customize it by placing flames with the included special brush. The results are high-resolution on a transparent background and can be achieved in just a minute or two. Placing the flames with your own personal touch leads to really creative results, with flames of varying intensities.

Real Fire Photoshop Text Creator 2

18. Sweet Colorful Text Effects – 10 PSD

This set of delicious Photoshop text effects includes ten retro styles of colorful candy lettering—with pink soda, sweet stripes, milky shake, and more. Customizing your text is as simple as opening and editing a smart object. Grab some yummy retro vintage design goodness now!

Sweet Colorful Photoshop Text Effects

19. Cartoon – Stylish PSD Text Effects

Pow, zap, and wow your clients with this powerful set of fun cartoon text effects. They are all colorful, unique, and easy to customize with professional design styles. There are 10 high-res PSD files included in the download.

Cartoon Photoshop Text Effects

20. Letterpress – Creative Photoshop Text Effects

Perfect for print designs like posters or post cards, or for taking a printed, handcrafted aesthetic to the web, this vintage letterpress text effect pack has 10 vibrant styles. It’s built with easily customizable smart object replacement and works with free fonts. The design styles are beautiful and will give you quick, quality results!

Letterpress Creative PSD Text Effects

21. 4 Glitch Video – Photoshop Text Effects

This set of glitch text effects has a vintage screen style reminiscent of early video games. Give your designs a classic tech feel with glitch and noise retro effects.

This one is great for eighties style flyers, custom posters, or classic tech-themed designs. There are four PSD files included that work simply with Photoshop smart objects. Just place your text in the object, and you’ll quickly output an exciting lettering design!

Glitch Video PSD Text Effects

22. 3D Gold PSD Text Mockups

Made with smart objects in Photoshop, this gold text effect comes with three styles in a layered PSD file. It works with a variety of text shape combinations and stands out on any background. You can get a shiny 3D text result with a high-resolution image exported from Photoshop quickly.

3D Gold Photoshop Text Mockups

23. Realistic Photoshop Styles Bundle

This text effects set bundles 27 text effects and a total of 50 styles into a Photoshop ASL file. This large bundle makes it easy to create realistic grunge-style text effects set against dark backgrounds, from chaotic spiked text to digital chaos and blood-stained steel. This collection offers a ton of text effects that would work great on a stylish site, app branding, poster, event flyer, or game cover design.

Realistic Photoshop Text Styles Bundle

24. Retro Vintage Text Effects Bundle – PSD Vol. 1-3

This big bundle comes with 30 unique vintage text effect styles. Every style comes with a corresponding Photoshop file. Each PSD graphic resource is quick to work with using smart object replacement.

These text effects have a layered, professional quality, with raised 3D letters and effects emulating old-style print approaches. The result is legible, unique text effects, with classic designs.

There are a variety of effects in this bundle, some featuring multiple layers of diagonal lines, drop shadows, interior shadows, interesting line work, and bold strokes.

Retro Vintage Text Effects Bundle

25. Letterpress Photoshop Style – Wood Edition

Letterpress styles are beautiful and fun to put together. This realistic text effect can communicate your message with depth and style, whether you have a poster you’re designing, an online ad to create, or another project coming up.

This Photoshop set includes 15 ASL files for applying to text or shapes. They come at a high resolution and include 12 for wooden block backdrops. There’s also a bonus file included of an already mocked-up scene. You can really feel the ink on the wooden letters in this detailed 3D design.

Letterpress PSD Text Style Wood Edition

Grab a Creative Photoshop Text Effect!

There are a number of vibrant Photoshop text effect actions and styles on Envato Market. Browse through the hundreds of high-energy PSD design files, and grab one that fits your project needs today. We also have popular Photoshop add-ons and best-selling photo effects—with graphics professionals adding new premium designs on a regular basis.