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It may seem like has been around for quite some time, but it’s only been with us since May of 2015. in those few years that it’s been around, it’s one of the most used services. It allows you to do all sorts of things with your images and it also sends you stylized photos from time to time.

With Google Photos you can do things such as create movies, collages, animation GIFs, and even back up your pictures/videos so you can erase them from your device. This last option really comes in handy when you’re continually struggling to save storage space.

Google Photos has a setting that allows you to back up your photos by using your mobile data. If you take a lot of pictures and notice that peaks your mobile data usage, it could be because you have this feature enabled.


To enable/disable this feature, go to “Settings -> Back up & sync -> Toggle off Cellular Data Back up.” When you turn this feature on, the greyed out videos option will turn blue, allowing you to select it. If you leave it on, Google Photos will have permission to use your mobile data to back up your videos.


To have Google Photos only show you pictures of a certain person, you’ll need to add a name to that face. Go to “Albums -> People & Pets -> Select a face -> Add a name.” By following these steps, you’ll see pictures in which this person is always in.

If you want to skip these steps and only type the person’s name, adding a name to a face is helpful. Once you name that face, you’ll only have the person’s name in the search bar to see pictures that person is in.

Now you have a reason to keep all those images that are similar but are not identical. By using those pictures, you can create a fun animation GIF by following a few simple steps. Tap on the Assistant tab, followed by the purple Animation option on top.


Select anywhere between two and 50 pictures, followed by the Create option at the top-right. You’ll see a message letting you know that Google Photos is creating your animation and should get your animation within a few seconds.

If you like taking pictures, then storage can be a massive problem for you. That’s why Google Photos has an option that erases all the images that have already been backed up from your device. That way, you have more storage space for new pictures.


You can do this by going to Settings and selecting “Free up device storage.” Google Photos will show you how much space it can free up. To erase already backed up images, press the blue button that says “Free Up.”

Creating collages is easy. Tap on the Assistant tab, followed by the “Collage” option. Choose how many pictures you want to include and select the “Create” option. The collage will only take a few seconds to generate.


Creating a movie may sound difficult, but it’s really not because Google Photos can create a movie depending on the theme you choose. For example, you can choose from themes such as They Grow Up So Fast, Meow Movie, Doggie Movie, In Loving Memory, Selfie Movie, Smiles, Mother’s Day Movie, Father’s Day Movie, Valentine’s Day Movie, and Love Story.


To create a movie of your own, tap on the “New Movie” option. Select up to fifty pictures or videos, and tap on the “Create” option. You’ll see a preview of your movie with an option to make changes to the movie. For example, by sliding the bar more to the left or right, you can decide how long you want the image to be shown.

If the video is too short, and you want to add more pictures or videos, tap on the “Add photos and videos” option at the bottom and select the images you want to add. Below the music icon you’ll also see three dots with options to change the order that image appears in, insert a clip, duplicate that image so that it appears in the movie again, or to remove it.

Speaking of the music icon, by tapping on it you can change your video’s music. You’ll see options to either have no music, add your own music, or add theme music such as Dramatic, Electronic, Reflective, Rockin’, and Upbeat.

If you don’t feel like installing yet another app to create movies, create collages, or animations, you don’t have to. Google Photos may not have all the features other apps may have, but it gets the job done. What do you like to do in Google Photos? Don’t forget to leave a comment below to let us know.