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2018 has been a rollercoaster year for the industry. At the close of 2017, Bitcoin was worth a little over $14, 000, other digital currencies were performing relatively will, too. But a few months into the year, a major dip in the market caused a lot of investors to lose heart and drop out of all things altogether. This was a downer for the industry but it also served as an advantage.

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The opportunistic investors, whose sole reason for joining the blockchain space was financial gain, were now out. This left all the passionate, invested minds to come together and push blockchain forward.

But How?

Blockchain technology has always been about community and collaborative effort. One of the major ways this happened was through . When you think of blockchain technology, your mind should go to . If one were to guess off of the top of their head, they would probably estimate that the number of blockchain that have taken place in 2018 is well over 100 — and understandably so.

The idea of these conferences was meant to be for the creation of spaces for innovative and informative conversations about blockchain technology and the opportunities presented. But, unfortunately, many of these conferences have turned into “schmooze-fests” — events where people are only interested in making a lot of money or connecting with people who can them a lot of money. The essence of what blockchain technology is all about, is therefore lost. This is how the industry became plagued with money-hungry investors, who had no idea what blockchain was all about, came about in the first place.

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Many mainstream parties in the blockchain space tend to only be concerned with how blockchain technology can financially benefit them – instead of trying to understand how this tech will better the world.

Redirecting the Blockchain

Fortunately, there are people, in the blockchain space, who have dedicated their time to creating spaces where meaningful conversation can take place – redirecting the masses to what blockchain technology is all about. Dekrypt Capital and Noris will be powering the SF Blockchain Week — said to be the “Largest Crypto Conference on the West Coast”.

SF Blockchain Week is a week of educational, consumer, and developer focused events that aim to push the boundaries of local blockchain innovation, which has been welcomed by the San Francisco community. The goal of this week-long, immersive experience is to help the industry reach mainstream adoption through fundamental education and development of projects that matter.

The program will take place for eight days, where top crypto companies will be providing exclusive information on blockchain education and adoption. As it stands, there are 3,500 registered attendees and organisers expected to be at the event.

In addition to the wealth of education to be found at the SF Blockchain Week, attendees will also have access to a wide variety of networking opportunities, seminars, and after parties too, where they will get to connect with like-minded blockchain enthusiasts.

The idea is to have people leaving inspired, and with a clearer vision on where blockchain is taking the world. There is a lot to be gained from the meaningful discussions and breakout sessions that will take place throughout the week.

The three main events everyone is looking forward to are the following:

  • ETH San Francisco: The World’s Largest ETH Hackathon
    • Dates: Oct. 5-7
    • Location: Palace of Fine Arts
  • SF Blockchain Week Epicenter
    • Dates: Oct. 8-9
    • Location: Hilton Union Square
  • Crypto Economics Security Conference (CESC)
    • Dates: Oct. 10-11
    • Location: Hilton Union Square

Blockchain and Crypto Companies Should Not Miss Out

Among the top blockchain companies expected to be at the conference is Metaverse, which is one of the highest performing blockchain projects of 2018. Founded and led by Eric Gu, Metaverse appears to be taking over within the blockchain sphere, with its digital currency, ETP, constantly rising despite the dredges of the bear market.

To miss out on the conference experience would be to miss out on learning exclusively key information from many leading minds in the blockchain world. As this next-level technology continues to take over multiple industries, it is only fitting for as many interested people as possible to get in the loop and become informed on the out-of-this-world opportunities blockchain technology has to offer.


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