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As 2018 is going into its second week, a major speaking factor in the tech fraternity is how will the tech enterprise fare and what’s new.

There are concerns that with uncertainties within the global economic system, and the weakened ringgit, there could be more challenges in advance than opportunities.

The National ICT Association of Malaysia (Pikom), in its report late last year, had lowered its forecast of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) this year to four per cent from 4.2 per cent last year. It cited internal and external factors that could impact the future of the economy and country.

However, all is not gloom and doom. the Neighbourhood tech area has shown resilience during the last years and is expected to keep on the growth route, albeit at a slower price.
The government itself is leading the manner in making sure boom opportunities by installing proactive and tech pleasant measures in its regulations. it has taken fine steps to construct a kingdom that leverages digital era, innovation and creativity.

The 2017 finances, for instance, has covered a excessive focus on Malaysia’s digital economy (). the government has announced it’s miles specializing in digitising the country this 12 months as one in all its pinnacle priorities. culturing the virtual economic system is definitely key to maintaining economic growth.

Digitization of organizations will open up new opportunities. we are able to assume a whole new market of ecosystems in order to make bigger across multiple sectors. those ecosystems will spawn new services and products.

We’ve simplest all started to seize a glimpse of the Internet-Of-Things (IOT)’s giant prospects.
Demanding situations additionally convey a number of possibilities. cyber security spending, for example, is expected to keep both in the public and private sectors, to address the difficulty of data breach. this is absolutely an area in which gamers can tap into to provide a wide range of solutions.

Gadget gaining knowledge of is stated through analysts to be a massive opportunity globally, going forward. it’s far displaying a variety of promise with its capability to enhance a huge range of packages.
Even as it is able to no longer be an obvious and vast possibility in Malaysia but, there are nonetheless potentials to be seized with the aid of many local gamer to break into the growing international market.

The Neighborhood consumer electronics zone is likewise going to continue to be one of the major focus of possibilities in Malaysia for instance, lots of us cannot stay without our smartphones nowadays as we’re nearly the usage of it to do the whole thing, from strolling our agencies to enjoyment, and preserving updates. this 12 month can simplest imply that there can be extra telephone models with higher tech specifications.

Possibly all smartphones may have twin-digicam function, longer battery lifestyles and extra.
different devices, which includes notebooks, smartwatches and productivity gear, will remain much-favourite, as tech turns into a more integral a part of our lives. the smart domestic concept, wherein devices are related to the net, putting manipulate at your fingertips, is expected to see more adoption.

The entertainment section is also predicted to do well this year with extra expectancies from augmented fact video games, e-Loan, Virtual Reality, online video and greater, there might be masses of possibilities to tap into the tour industry also should see regular growth as more Malaysians are seizing every opportunity to journey, no matter the susceptible foreign money.

With generation apps paving the manner for guests, we can also assume Malaysia to be optimized as a tour vacation spot, with our unique tradition and historical past. thanks to inexpensive air fares, clean get right of entry to to accommodations and facts thru technology, this year can be any other terrific year for the tour phase boom.

As with other sectors, the tech section will see both demanding situations and opportunities within the years in advance.We hope to peer greater innovations coming from this section to assist find answers to our day by day troubles. and, extra ways to assist us live connected, efficient and productive.