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There is a big debate on whether artificial intelligence (AI) is a of or it is a branch on its own. For those who are pursuing science course, AI is always considered as a subset of computer science. It is one of the things that are taught in a computer science class. However, if you deeply analyze the principles and practices of both computer science and ai, you will easily draw some lines between the two. You will discover some differences that make the two to be totally different subjects.

To understand this topic well, we are going to analyze them separately then look at how they relate to each other.

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science entails the study of computers and computational systems. The course covers the theory, design, development, and application of computer software and systems. Some of the key things that are covered by Computer Science include computer systems, AI, networks, systems security, database, programming languages, software engineering, human-computer interaction, graphics, among others.

Computer scientists are also responsible for designing algorithms that can be used on different applications to solve various real-life problems.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

is a branch of computer science that focuses on creating intelligent machines which work as human beings. AI machines are designed to perform various tasks including speech recognition, learn, perceive, plan and to solve real problems. These machines are able to perform these actions if they have been fed with adequate knowledge about the world.

One of the ways in which AI systems get this knowledge is through machine learning. The learning can be done with or without any supervision. Most of the key aspects of machine learning are covered in computer science. An AI machine is capable of using its inputs to deduce key aspects of the problem. One of the fields that is closely related to AI is robotics.

The Differences

One of the key differences between computer science and artificial intelligence is in terms of their principles. Computer science rides on the principle that a computer is ‘stupid’ and unable to do anything on its own. You need to program it to perform anything that you want. Computer scientists must come up with special programming languages that they can use to communicate with the computers.

On the other hand, AI is built on the theory that computers are intelligent. They can think, learn, calculate and memorize facts. AI also assumes that computers are superior to human as they never get tired or fatigued. They can perform a herculean task for 24 hours non-stop.

AI entails more than just sitting in front of a computer and typing codes that will instruct the device to perform different actions. It is interactive. AI machines can be talked to and the most amazing bit is they will listen to you. AI machines will even help you to clarify some instructions or remind you to be more specific about an issue.

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Computer Science and AI Jobs

There is a close relationship between jobs for computer science and artificial intelligence. Just take a moment to think of jobs that computers can perform better than humans. Apart from the robotics, artificial intelligence is applied in most of the areas that previously depended on the basics of computer science. They include financial systems, business optimization, process management, data mining among others. To some extent, AI is getting rid of jobs that previously depended on human labour.

Jobs that fall under the spectrum of artificial intelligence require some levels of advanced computing skills. This is why a degree in computer science can land you a job in the artificial intelligence field. The knowledge and skills of computer science can help you to come up with algorithms that may be used design models for training AI systems.

Given that artificial intelligence is still under development, most of the job opportunities that fall within this field deal with research and studies. Most companies are still exploring the opportunities for integrating AI into different devices. Such companies and organizations always employ computer scientists to assist in different areas of AI.

In conclusion, we can say that artificial intelligence is part of computer science. The theories and practices of computer science are always used in developing AI systems.