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Do you love the thrill of finding a good ? Are you so in tune with discounts, bargains, and sweet, sweet savings that you find yourself sharing the deals you find with friends? Well then, we just might have a job for you.

What We’re Looking For

is looking for a writer that has a knack for deal hunting. Not any old deal will do, mind you. If you’re the kind of person that considers occasionally opening an email from Fry’s or Newegg to see what is on sale that week “deal hunting”, then this isn’t the position for you.

But, if you’re a person after my own heart—the kind of person that lives for a bargain, then we’ve got something to talk about. Do you check out deal sites while you drink your morning coffee? Do you flip through pages of Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace listings on the morning train to make sure you’re not missing out on some fool selling their $500 mesh network package for a pittance? Do you set price alerts for products you want? Do you set price alerts for the products your friends and family want so you can score them as cheap gifts or proudly tell them when the thing is on sale? Do you get personally offended when companies fudge their pricing for Black Friday and the deals end up worse than mid-year sales?

If that’s not you, if you don’t have a serious workflow in place for staying on top of deals big and small, this isn’t the job for you. But if you eat, breath, and dream deals, then you’re exactly the kind of person that needs to drop us a line and show off your deal hound chops.

Interested in applying? In addition to possessing the heart of a true deal hunter, You’ll need to meet these minimum requirements:

  • You can write in coherent standard U.S. English.
  • You must be at least 18 years old and have a computer.
  • You’re available to deal hunt Monday-Friday.
  • You’re proficient at image editing.

How to Apply

Send an email to with the subject Review Geek Deal Hunter and include the following in your email:

  • Show us how you deal hunt. We eat and breath deals like some people eat and breath their favorite sports. We want to see that you’re on top of your game.
  • Your name and location.
  • Any previous experience you have with writing and/or blogging, particularly in relationship to deal hunting.
  • Whether or not you are currently employed and, if so, what you do.
  • A brief overview of the topics you are familiar with in the world of technology. It’s hard to know what’s a deal and what isn’t if you aren’t well versed in gadgets and gizmos.
  • Most Important: We want a writing sample. If you have previous writing to showcase, particularly writing with an emphasis on technology, product reviews, deal roundups, include a link to the samples in your email. If you have a personal blog, a forum account, or an active commenter account from anywhere, feel free to include that as well.

We don’t have normal office hours (or even an office) so you can be located anywhere–this is strictly a telecommuting job (although only US residents are eligible for the full-time positions).

So what are you waiting for? Email us already!